My method to earn free Bitcoin in 2021

Hello, in this post, I will show you my method to earn free Bitcoin everyday with 5 minutes by day!

You can apply this method with your smartphone. You will have the possibility to earn Bitcoin everywhere.

Step 1: Stormgain

First of all, download Stormgain.

It’s a cryptocurrencies exchange which allow you to earn Bitcoin with your smartphone or computer. Each 4 hours, you can mine BTC just by clicking on a button. Once you’ve got $10$, you can transfert it

This a first method to earn Bitcoin. Now you can have more Bitcoin with Freebitcoin. Let’s see how.

Step 2: Freebitcoin

Freebitcoin is a « gaming » platform which allow you to earn Bitcoin for free. Just go to this address and create your account:

Then go to the FREE BTC menu and click on « Roll ». The amount of earned Bitcoin is depending of the result number. You can do this every one hour.

Free Bitcoin also allow you to generate passive income with your Bitcoin. If your total Bitcoin amount is above to 0.0003 BTC, you will earn 4% of Bitcoin. So I recommend you to transfert the earned BTC with stormgain to Freebitcoin.

My other methods

I know more website to nearn BTC but they are not so effective. But if you want, you can check this post:


Best 2021 tips to earn cryptocurrencies for free

Hi everybody, English is not my original language but I create this page to help more people to earn cryptocurrencies for free. There are a lot of website which allow you to earn free cryptocurrency. The best are here: with this game, you can mine bitcoin and Ethereum for free when you play! With your earnings you can buy virtual miners and earn more bitcoin! allows you to earn 3 satoshis/hour. It represents nothing for you today but imagine when the value of 1 satoshi will be equal to 1 dollar! So you need to earn satochis now and have a bright future. Subscribe and roll each time the game in the “FREE BTC” part to put satochis in your wallet. is exactly the same platform as but you will earn 0,00000281 Litecoin by hour. Got to the homepage to earn money.

Stormgain is an exchange wich allows you to mine free money each 4 hours. Once you have $10, you can buy cryptocurrencies. Perfect to buy cryptocurrencies for free. give you multiple possibility to earn cryptocurrencies as Bitecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many more. Great website. allows you to roll a faucet each hours and earn coins that you can swap to bitcoin or others cryptocurrencies. Great platform, you need to see! is a platform which give you the possibility to earn bitcoin or other cryptocurrency for free in multiple manners (faucet, shortlink, survey, PTC, others tasks..).